Poetry makes me feel
Like I am no longer alone
Words trickle out of the brain
Rain drops on a chalk board
Dizzy with incoming rhyme
Poetry allows to pass lonesome time
Ideas disguise the emotions inside
Paving way to eventual catharsis
A novel discovery of the feelings
That are only truly to be mine
And there is really no other place like home
Aside from a blank sheet of paper
Producing a scattered poem
Searching for the right way to extract
These hideous expressions of the heart
The ones you can’t distinguish apart
The cocky bastards you have dated
The identity crisis you have been fated
The financial troubles that don’t seem to get you elated
The sociopolitical movements that evoke massive hatred
The familial divorce you keep recreated
Yet the verses make it cohesive
Allowing the psyche to process
All that it has been missing
Poetry, the shattered heart adhesive.

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