It’s 6 am and I’m anxious, amped, and curious – I’ve never stayed in a foreign country alone, and definitely not a hostel. But here I am, I have my backpack, I got my four shirts, all I would like is an aisle seat on my way there.

Once upon time, maybe when I was a sophomore, I told myself there would be certain changes occurring when I graduate; I told myself I would backpack through Europe and I’m actually DOING IT! First, I’m flying to London and then I’m not exactly sure what my next step is. I am really looking forward to this vagabond lifestyle, even if it is just for a couple of weeks.

All I know is that I’m staying at a hostel in Greenwich and that in the worst case scenario, I can Uber there for a hefty penny. Ideally, I’ll hop out of the plane at London Heathrow right onto the two trains that will take me six minutes away from the hostel (I think). I won’t lie to you or myself – I’m nervous!!! I hope that all goes according to the plan, which is pretty freaking loose.

But hey, I wanted an adventure, and what adventures are synthetically produced via preparation? Rarely any.


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