I finally made it to the hostel two and a half hours upon arrival at Heathrow and I still can’t believe I did it. I knew exactly what public transportation would get me from Heathrow to Greenwich, but I had no idea how to get to the Underground. I wandered around the airport endlessly trying to find someone who could help me get to the trains.

You’d think the directions would be really straightforward right? I mean it’s an English speaking country – WRONG. I started panicking for awhile there, even considered the Uber ride. It would have cost me around $60! I FINALLY stumbled upon a random employee that knew exactly how to get there. When I finally realized how close it had been all along, I burst out with laughter.

If I didn’t have just a couple of hours to check-in at the hostel, I would have been okay wandering all this time. However, I had somewhere to be and I needed to get there quick – the reception at the hostel closes at midnight. It took me four connecting trains to get to Greenwich, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the trips. I got to listen and observe. So many languages were being spoken at once that I could not tell one from another. How cool. Although I had trouble finding the Underground, I have to say that London has fantastic connections. I never had to stand around waiting for the next train.

This is my first time staying at a hostel and I’m literally sleeping almost at the ceiling. I arrived fairly late, closer to midnight, and the room was completely dark. People don’t lock their stuff up and this comes to me as an utmost surprise. There is various luggage all over the floor… Shoes and backpacks… Just stuff… So yeah, this is a pretty strange situation, but it’s well worth getting used to. Who knew that towels would not be provided? Luckily, the bartender downstairs helped me out and I was not completely screwed.

I am looking forward to exploring London tomorrow!

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