Aside from exploring all that the lively city of London has to offer, I have been in a tad of a travel pickle. I booked my train from London to Amsterdam for tomorrow. Awesome… Great… Right…? Well… Not quite so… As hard as I have been trying to find a hostel as cheap as the one in London, I am failing miserably. All the best hostels are booked for the weekend and the shitty available hostels are stupid expensive. I paid $55 total for four nights at St. Christopher’s Inn in London. It looks like in Amsterdam this upcoming weekend, just one night will end up costing me more than that. I picked the wrong date to travel because the prices drop heavily on Sunday. I must figure out what I’m going to do and FAST.
Yesterday was quite spontaneous for me. I initially began my journey by getting off at London Bridge. My plan was to see the National Gallery and the Globe Theatre. When I realized how close I was to Tower Bridge, I immediately decided to get there. I walked up and down the bridge and now I can say that I did it!
As I walked along the Thames to the Globe Theatre, I encountered various awesome sights like the Golden Hinde which is currently under construction. This few centuries old ship once upon a time circumnavigated the world! Then, I walked past the Clink Prison Museum which began its operation in 1127 and closed in 1780. It’s a pretty freaking dark place that held Protestant and Catholic martyrs at different times; I decided not to go in and mostly because with how expensive London is, you have to pick and choose what you’re going to see.
I finally arrived at the sight that I’ve been looking most forward to seeing: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Most unfortunately, no tours were available at the time due to a production of Henry IV. Instead, I booked my tour ticket for today. I’m also thinking about seeing “The Merry Wives of Windsor” tonight, but I’m not quite sure if I’m gonna go for it just yet.
Just as I began wandering to the National Gallery, the best thing ever happened to me and I stumbled into the Tate Modern. It’s an INCREDIBLE place for an art lover like me! With four different levels featuring contemporary art, I spent most of my day there. I got to explore the works of artists like Rebecca Horn, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali. Since I am only 24 years old, I also got a major discount to the Dorothea Tanning exhibition. Her surrealist paintings were utmost inspiring and if I lived in London, I would visit the exhibition again and again.
At night, my roommate Troy and I ventured to the artsy area in Westminster called Soho. There and on a budget, we decided to go to a live music venue called Jazz After Dark. Indeed, it was DEFINITELY on a budget because the place felt like 100 degrees. It was so HOT in there!!! However, the space was cozy and intimate, filled with the owner’s paintings of Amy Winehouse (I love Amy Winehouse). The singer Amanda was wonderful and delivered beautiful heart-warming performances. To be honest with you, I’m jealous of Londoners for having everyday access to hundreds of hidden little spots like Jazz After Dark.
Anyways everyone, I’m off to find myself a hostel in Amsterdam… Wish me the best of luck… Please.


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