To be quite frank with you my dear readers, I haven’t been very happy in Paris thus far. When I arrived here Tuesday afternoon, I decided to walk from Gare du Nord to my hostel. Bad idea. It soon started to storm. What I thought was a wonderful umbrella, wasn’t and I not only got soaked, but hit in the face with hail. My umbrella was shredded by the wind and I purchased another closer to the hostel.

Most unfortunately, the next day proved to be just as miserable outside. I decided to try to enjoy the day anyway and failed. I started by going to the Flixbus office. I used my new umbrella to walk to the metro station. Then, I put it back in my purse with it sticking out just a tad. By the time I got down to take the train, the umbrella was gone. I had to get a third freaking umbrella people!!! That unfortunately did not happen before I got soaked all over again.

I wanted to buy my next tickets since Flixbus has a wonderful promotion right now for 5 trips to 5 different European cities for just 99 Euros. That was a failure as well since it’s only available online. For whatever reason, I cannot get the payment on their website to work. So yeah, just another source of irritation.

After getting soaked in the rain, being unable to book my next destination, my frustrations just grew and grew and I went back to the hostel. I felt like a total brat, but hey, we all get into funks. At the very least, the food has been delicious. On Tuesday, I got a crepe with a chocolate banana filling, almonds, and vanilla gelato. It was sincerely the best crepe I have ever had. Yesterday, I went for mussels and those were delicious as well.

Hopefully today I will do what I intially set out to do: explore.

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