It’s incredible how beautiful Marseille is at its earliest hours. Frankly, I don’t think I have ever been so in awe.

I woke up from a pretty terrible nightmare at 5:30 am. In what I call a nightmare, I dreamt that I had only a few hours before an annotated bibliography with 40 sources was due. So okay, it wasn’t really a nightmare but it was enough for me to jump right out of bed.

I headed over to make some shitty instant coffee in the kitchen and indeed it was very shitty. What wasn’t shitty was seeing a good friend I didn’t think I would see for a long time to come. Oqba is an Algerian student that lives in Dijon. I met him on the bus from Lyon to Marseille and it just so happened that we were staying at the same hostel in Vieux Port. We had much to talk about since he’s a French literature major and I’m an English student. He travels between Dijon and Marseilles quite often for his business.

A couple of nights ago I met Oqba and his friend for late night dinner at the port. There is something really delightful about eating by the water. As you walk past people here in the evening, they are having wine right on the edge of the water. Oqba treated me to some Algerian and Turkish food. I’ve never had it before but the spices used in Algerian sauce are an amazing combination. The recipe calls for some 23 different spices!

Surprisingly, I met Oqba once more today. Seeing that I was out of instant coffee and he was drinking milk with sugar, we headed to a boulangerie nearby. I knew I smelled some fresh baked goods right when we walked outside. It ended up being the same place. The gentleman that runs the place said he does it all by himself. It’s crazy because it was easily the best croissant I have ever had. Oqba recommended that I go to the museum which overlooks the whole city. The museum wasn’t open, but either way, the sights from nearby were to die for. I just kept thinking to myself: “To live and love here… How incredibly lucky one must be!!!”

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