Although my last day in Marseille was nothing short of regretful as I just wanted to see more calanques, I did climb up to the Notre Dame de la Garde. Let me tell you right now, the climb is STEEP and it left me feeling satisfied once I got to the top. I wasn’t necessarily there for the 19th century basilica which is the most visited attraction of the city; I was there to get a 360 degree view of Marseille and the Mediterranean that surrounds it.

At a 154 meters, La Garde is the city’s highest point. From my hostel in Vieux Port, it was only a 1 km walk up, but my oh my what a climb it was indeed! You may be able to see the basilica from this picture right here:

If you prefer to take the bus, you are more than welcome to. However, if you want to look like this:

I promise that you will be happy that you made it to the top without taking a break. And, additionally, you will get to see how beautiful Marseille is from above. Check it out!

After Notre Dame, I wanted to relax at the beach. If you are staying in Vieux Port like me, the Plage des Catalans is a short 20 minute walk away. I was told it’s not the best beach in Marseille, but I thought it was great anyways.

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