I finally made it to POLAND and I am so amped to be here!!! I’m staying at my mom’s best friend’s, but she’s really more like an aunt to me. Beatka and her husband Slawek picked me up last night. I can’t tell you what a luxury it has been to sleep alone knowing that I don’t have to check out or check-in anywhere else the following day. I slept like a baby. We are going to explore the city today. It’s a tad bit cloudy and I hope we don’t get rained on like I did in Paris.

This brings me back to Munich because I have to relay to you all the major things that happened. I decided to go to Museum Brandhorst. Seeing that I seem to enjoy contemporary art the most, this museum actually has the largest collection of Andy Warhol’s work in Europe, so I had to GO! From Warhol to Damien Hirst, Jacqueline Humphries, and Cy Twombly, the art at Brandhorst is sure to inspire an art lover. I particularly dig the Humphries’ paintings which were made in the dark, were presented in the dark, and glowed.

Munich is a really pretty city, but there are many things which aren’t so pretty as well. There is a homeless person on just about every corner and it’s probably the city with the biggest homeless population I have seen so far. You see people who are disabled. You see people without limbs and women that are far too old to be out living on the street. It was all quite shocking to me.

I also ventured to Hofbrauhaus because let’s be honest here, I just had to do it! I was told I can take a seat anywhere I want and that’s exactly what I did. The menus were on the table already and I was excited to explore all the options. Not one of the menus was in English so I waited to ask my waiter for it. It was a long time before my waiter finally made it to my table. He said he’ll get me a menu and that took about 5 minutes. What I’m trying to say here is that the service was slow. Between waiting for the menu and actually ordering, a lot of time had passed. I’m not picky, but this was pretty darn abnormal.

On the brighter side of things, live Bavarian music bellowed throughout the humongous beer hall.

I ended up getting a Radler to drink. That’s half beer and half sparkling lemonade. It was delicious! For dinner, I ordered the suckling pig roast served with one massive potato dumpling. In my opinion, the Radler is definitely something to rave about in comparison with the actual dinner. The beer was light, crisp, undoubtedly citrusy and very refreshing. The actual pig roast was succulent, but the dumpling rather dry. Bad service or not, Hofbrauhaus is a must see in Munich!

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