Excuse me if my writing is a little less than perfect today… I was under the impression that my stop to the French Riviera would be the pinnacle of how hot things would get on my trip to Europe. I was wrong. Poland is HOT… Much, much, much hotter than I can recall. Frankly, I arrived at my grandma’s today in Ostroleka and it’s just been extremely hard to do anything but sit around thinking IT’S TOO F****** HOT. I just went on a walk and it’s not much better outside. Today is a national holiday, Corpus Cristi; that means there were more cats outside than people, but the couple people I saw looked just miserable as me.

Anyways, I want to tell you about my one day stay in Warsaw. I was able to spend a couple of nights at my mom’s best friend’s apartments. I mentioned this in my previous blog but Beatka is like an aunt to me so it was awesome getting to see a little bit of the city with her. I’ve been to Warsaw plenty of times, but it was years since I have went exploring. Beatka and I took the Metro to get to Stare Miasto or Old Town. I was really impressed with how nice the Metro is because I honestly wasn’t expecting the luxury it turned out being. Perhaps luxury is an overstatement, but it’s been the best Metro I have taken thus far in Europe.

Pomnik Adama Mickiewicza

Warsaw’s Old Town is more gorgeous than I remember it being. Aware of how destroyed it was during WWII, I thought it was incredible how well it was rebuilt. Rynek Starego Miasta, or simply the Old Town Market Place, is at the heart of the area and it’s beaming with life.

Cafes and shops are sprawling throughout the square so Beatka and I decided to get iced coffee. I can’t say I have the best comparison to other coffee shops in Poland, but I have to asses that the customer service has been the worst here. The iced coffee with just a little bit of chocolate and whipped cream was delightful, but the woman serving them was COLD AS ICE! She was unpleasant and had not one bit of hospitality in her.

We also stopped by the University of Warsaw… I’ve been feeling so wonderful in Europe, I almost started to wonder if maybe I would like to move back. I could continue studying literature here and fulfill any other dreams and goals I have. It would be a tough decision, but with more work than hands in Poland, I’ve been considering it. Although you earn considerably less, life is cheaper here.

University of Warsaw

Beatka had to head back to the office because she had an important meeting to attend to. Instead, her son Albert was able to take me out to lunch. We went to a nearby buffet, and if I wasn’t so amped to eat some POLISH FOOD, I would have taken a picture. I had potatoes with dill and meatballs and I even tried some chicken liver… By the way, it’s quite tasty and if you’re ever here, you should try it! It was lovely hanging out with Albert. I haven’t seen him in about 17 years, but I thought it was cool that we had things to talk about. It seems that a lot of young people I have met, whether in Europe or America, are on the same liberal wavelength.

Later on in the day, watching Beatka work at home made me really content. She’s a very passionate accountant and seeing how much heart she puts into her business, I realized that I am in a good place in life. I love what I’m studying and I love to write. When it comes down to getting things done, I noticed that I’m just as invested in my work and happy to be doing it. I don’t know if what I’m saying makes sense, but what I’m trying to convey here is that it’s good to see somebody so satisfied with what they do in life. It kind of makes you feel good about the future.

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